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Lightning Fast Swaps!

Easiest way to Defi on BNB Chain, ETH, FTM , Avax! More Chains added soon!

Built for Everyone

Never Miss out on Time-Sensitive Trades.

  • Fully Secured DeFi Wallet where you control the keys.

    Create a new wallet or import an existing account. Your keys are safe with you and only you.
  • Swap tokens easily and efficiently.

    Easily swap any BSC compatible token right from the app. With Fast Native swaps stay ahead of competition and execute timely trades.
  • Send any token to any compatible address.

    Send Tokens in seconds to any compatible address. Best part there are no sending fees other than Network fee.
  • Discover what tokens are trending on Bee wallet.

    Reduce your time on research and focus more on trading. Bee Mobile shows you what tokens are trending on Bee. Invest wisely.

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about Bee Wallet.

  • Bee Wallet was built with Retail Traders in Mind and introducing Professional Tools in simplest way possible. Now everyone has a level playing field. Bee Wallet is over 5x faster than other wallets and almost 8x faster than using Web Browser.

  • Currently we support BSC, FTM, Avax and ETH.

  • Absolutely! Your Keys never leave your device. You can import your keys in any BSC/ETH compatible wallet and access your funds anytime at any place. Make sure you backup your seed-phrase in a safe area as we can not help you recover it.

  • We charge flat 0.25% Transaction Fee on all Swaps. All incoming and outgoing transfers are FREE.

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Pancakeswap is currently available for iOS and Android devices.